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The Many Lives of Europe’s Audiovisual Heritage

Co-edited by Alexander Badenoch, Jasmijn van Gorp, Berber Hagedoorn, Judith Keilbach, Eggo Müller and Dana Mustata
PHOTO CREDIT: Sonja de Leeuw

It is our great pleasure to present this special issue in honour of Sonja de Leeuw, one of the founding members of the journal. The issue brings together articles that honour Sonja’s inspiring contributions to television history and television historiography to mark her pathbreaking engagement with, and achievements within, the field of digital television heritage. The launch of this issue coincided with the symposium The Many Lives of Europe’s Audiovisual Heritage Online, held at Utrecht University on May 16th, 2018, the day of Sonja’s farewell lecture. Support comes from the projects MediaDNA & DARIAH-EU.

VOLUME 7 (2018) ISSUE 13

History of Private and Commercial Television in Europe

Co-edited by Luca Barra, Christoph Classen, and Sonja De Leeuw
PHOTO CREDIT: TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, 16 March 1980: "400 antenne contro la RAI-TV"

The history of European televisions’ commercialization is interesting and complex. In many European countries, early attempts to launch some form of private television took place on a local, national, or even supra-national basis. The process of television commercialization in Europe didn’t just start during the 1980s. Its implementation happened from the very beginning, and followed very different paths in each country. This issue on the History of Private and Commercial Television in Europe may help deepen our understanding of how the commercialization of television has shaped media culture in Europe. It offers a scholarly view on the history of private and commercial television in Europe, addressing institutional, technological, political, and cultural perspectives, and their entanglement, so as to allow for transnational comparison.

VOLUME 6 (2017) ISSUE 11

Non-fiction Transmedia

Co-edited by Arnau Gifreu-Castells, Richard Misek and Erwin Verbruggen
PHOTO CREDIT: Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion / Artline Films

Interactive digital media have greatly affected the logics of production, exhibition and reception of non-fiction audiovisual works, leading to the emergence of a new area called “interactive and transmedia non-fiction”. One of its key points is that it can deal with factual material in such a way that it influences and transforms the real world around us. With this issue we aim to offer a scholarly perspective on the emergence of transmedia forms, their technological and aesthetic characteristics, the types of audience engagement they engender, the possibilities they create for engagement with archival content, the technological predecessors that they may or may not have emerged from, and the institutional and creative milieux in which they thrive.

VOLUME 5 (2016) ISSUE 10

News from EUscreen network

  • Wed, 23 May 2018 11:49:01

    The Farewell Symposium of Sonja de Leeuw: An Unforgettable Day

    The Many Lives of Sonja de Leeuw; Symposium and Farewell Lecture on May 16th, 2018 On the occasion of Sonja de Leeuw’s retirement, her colleagues Jasmijn van Gorp, Alec Badenoch and Eggo Müller organized a symposium under the title “The Many Lives of Europe’s Audiovisual Heritage” in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision,...

  • Fri, 18 May 2018 12:11:59

    How the Right Governance Can Strengthen Audiovisual Broadcast Archives

    Recently we had the pleasure of talking with Prof. Dr. Katharine Sarikakis about the research project she supervised: The Governance of Cultural Memory Through Audiovisual Broadcast Archives. Prof. Dr. Sarikakis resides at the University of Vienna where she is a Professor of Media Industries, Media Organisation and Media Governance. Together with senior researchers Olga Kolokytha,...

  • Mon, 07 May 2018 11:38:18

    Historicizing Home Movie Practices: Two Complementary Perspectives

    Recently, two doctoral dissertations on the home movie as a twentieth-century cultural practice saw the light of day. Tim van der Heijden defended his dissertation Hybrid Histories: Technologies of Memory and the Cultural Dynamics of Home Movies, 1895-2005 at Maastricht University in January. Tom Slootweg followed suit in April, when he defended his dissertation Resistance,...

  • Fri, 04 May 2018 09:54:28

    Announcing the Summer School: “Moving Image Memory Cultures”

    Date: September 24 to 28, 2018 Location: Potsdam Organized by: Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, Centre for Contemporary History Potsdam and Brandenburg Center for Media Studies Funded by: Volkswagen Foundation Confirmed speakers: Alison Landsberg, Robert Burgoyne, Paula Amad, Andreas Fickers, Wulf Kansteiner, Chris Kraus (film director) Workshop leaders: Ilka Brombach/Andreas Kötzing, Dagmar Brunow, Nico de Klerk, Matthias...

  • Mon, 30 Apr 2018 09:45:27

    Video Collection: Jazz Music

    “Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life”, said jazz legend Art Blakey. Although jazz is a difficult music genre to describe, it is also very recognizable. First developed around the 1920’s, this rich and diverse music genre has influenced and continues to influence the world today. Therefore on this day International Jazz Day is...

  • Thu, 26 Apr 2018 07:20:17

    Radio-television Vojvodina on Europeana

    We are very happy to announce that as of this month twenty-five items of Radio-television Vojvodina became available on the portal of Europeana. Working together with Radio-television Vojvodina was a great pleasure and we are pleased to have helped with aggregating their selected content onto Europeana. We asked Jolan Stefanovic, chief documentarist at Radio-television Vojvodina, to tell...

  • Wed, 11 Apr 2018 11:45:54

    Quality management within digitization projects: an insight into the Memoriav training day 2018

    On March 8, 2018 Memoriav, the association in charge of fostering audiovisual archives preservation projects in Switzerland, held a training dedicated to quality management within digitization projects. Recently we had the pleasure of talking with Axel Roche-Dioré, project leader at Ina – Institut national de l’audiovisuel. He will catch us up on the activities that...

  • Fri, 06 Apr 2018 10:16:35

    Video Collection: Sports Activities

    The Danish kangaroo bike, a popular folk sport and old clips of the Tour de France. In this video collection, you can see different sports in action, with videos dating from 1936 to 2009. A collection of nine videos from the EUscreen portal featuring an abundance of sports activities! Enjoy browsing through the collection and...

  • Fri, 09 Mar 2018 08:56:52

    The E-RIHS project: A New Research Infrastructure in the European Heritage Science

    Heritage is a key component of the European identity. The study and preservation of cultural and natural heritage is a global challenge for science and the European society at large. The European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science (E-RIHS) is a pan-European project aiming to support research on heritage interpretation, preservation, documentation and management. The project...

  • Tue, 27 Feb 2018 15:22:53

    Future past: will archives survive digitisation?

    The evolution of preserving analogue through digital means is a recurrent subject and of great importance to the future of archiving. Do the people working in the archives have the relevant skills required for the future, especially in long term data storage solutions, metadata management? This is one of the challenges which British audiovisual institutions...