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History of Private and Commercial Television in Europe

Co-edited by Luca Barra, Christoph Classen, and Sonja De Leeuw
PHOTO CREDIT: TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, 16 March 1980: "400 antenne contro la RAI-TV"

The history of European televisions’ commercialization is interesting and complex. In many European countries, early attempts to launch some form of private television took place on a local, national, or even supra-national basis. The process of television commercialization in Europe didn’t just start during the 1980s. Its implementation happened from the very beginning, and followed very different paths in each country. This issue on the History of Private and Commercial Television in Europe may help deepen our understanding of how the commercialization of television has shaped media culture in Europe. It offers a scholarly view on the history of private and commercial television in Europe, addressing institutional, technological, political, and cultural perspectives, and their entanglement, so as to allow for transnational comparison.

VOLUME 6 (2017) ISSUE 11

Non-fiction Transmedia

Co-edited by Arnau Gifreu-Castells, Richard Misek and Erwin Verbruggen
PHOTO CREDIT: Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion / Artline Films

Interactive digital media have greatly affected the logics of production, exhibition and reception of non-fiction audiovisual works, leading to the emergence of a new area called “interactive and transmedia non-fiction”. One of its key points is that it can deal with factual material in such a way that it influences and transforms the real world around us. With this issue we aim to offer a scholarly perspective on the emergence of transmedia forms, their technological and aesthetic characteristics, the types of audience engagement they engender, the possibilities they create for engagement with archival content, the technological predecessors that they may or may not have emerged from, and the institutional and creative milieux in which they thrive.

VOLUME 5 (2016) ISSUE 10

TV Formats and Format Research: Theory, methodology, history and new developments

Co-edited by John Ellis, Andrea Esser, and Juan Francisco Gutiérrez Lozano
PHOTO CREDIT: (c) FremantleMedia Spain

During the last 15 years format research has grown into a notable, distinct field of academic investigation alongside the dramatic expansion of the trade in TV formats.

This special issue of VIEW builds on existing format scholarship to deepen our understanding of the history and the continuing growth of the TV format business from a European perspective.

VOLUME 5 (2016) ISSUE 9

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    The Albanian Film Archive: part of European heritage

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