• CALL FOR PAPERS - February 01, 2019

    Canned Television Going Global?

    The Transnational Circulation of Ready-Made Content in Television The issue of audio-visual content international distribution and circulation is one of the most relevant in recent debates in Media and Television Studies: in the “age of plenty” (Ellis: 2000) distribution presents innovative features relating to both the introduction of new digital platforms and the diverse strategies…

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  • CALL FOR PAPERS - May 01, 2018

    Public Service Broadcasting In The Digital Age

    This special issue proposes a reexamination of public service broadcasting (PSB) in the light of the most recent technological, political and economic developments. The question of their survival has been posed again and again. The need for a redefinition seems inevitable.

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  • CALL FOR PAPERS - January 15, 2018

    Using Television’s Material Heritage

    The medium of television is responsible for a huge accumulation of redundant objects.This raises various questions, from practical to historiographical and methodological ones. What are we to do with this accumulation of objects, many of which are not easily recycled?  How do we approach these objects as historical records? What tools and research practices do we need to go beyond the written cultures of television and address its non-discursive experiences?

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  • CALL FOR PAPERS - October 2, 2017

    Audiovisual Data in Digital Humanities

    Considering the relevance of audiovisual material as perhaps the biggest wave of data to come in the near future (Smith, 2013, IBM prospective study) its relatively modest position within the realm of Digital Humanities conferences is remarkable. The objective of this special issue for VIEW is to present current research in that field on a…

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    Open Call for Article Proposals

    VIEW Journal invites scholars and audiovisual archivists to submit proposals for topics that may be incorporated in ongoing journal issues. We encourage you to use this “General Call for Speakers” to provide suggestions for articles and audiovisual essays, as well as other forms of reflective thought. Submit a Proposal The VIEW Journal of European Television…

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  • CALL FOR PAPERS - September 27, 2016

    History of Private and Commercial Television in Europe

    The perception of the European television and media landscape has been traditionally shaped by the contrast and constant comparison with the American one: state-run stations or public service broadcasting in Europe vs. commercial networks in the US. However, in most European countries it took to the last third of the 20th century, until commercial TV…

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  • CALL FOR PAPERS - March 12, 2016

    Non-Fiction Transmedia

    VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture, our peer-reviewed multi-media and open access e-journal in the field of television studies, devotes its 10th issue (Winter 2016) to Non-fiction Transmedia. With this issue we aim to offer a scholarly perspective on the emergence of transmedia forms, their technological and aesthetic characteristics, the types of audience…

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  • CALL FOR PAPERS - September 1, 2015

    TV Formats and Format Research

    UPDATE: Deadline extended to 14 September 2015. VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture, the first peer-reviewed multi-media e-journal in the field of television studies, devotes its 9th issue (Spring 2016) to TV Formats and Format Research: Theory, methodology, history and new developments. This special issue of VIEW seeks to build on existing format…

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  • CALL FOR PAPERS - February 10, 2015

    Archive-Based Productions

    VIEW Journal for European Television History and Culture Vol. 4 Issue 08 *** Extended deadline: February 10, 2015 *** In 1927, when Esfir Schub released her commissioned film The fall of the Romanov Dynasty to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the October Revolution, she hardly knew that her extensive use of film footage and newsreels…

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  • CALL FOR PAPERS - November 30, 2014

    Archaeologies of Tele-Visions and -Realities

    Over the last decade the label “media archaeology” has brought together a growing number of heterogeneous scholarship investigating new forms of historical research and narratives. While the field resists a coherent methodology, media archaeological explorations are generally characterized by their refusal of linear periodization, an emphasis on disregarded objects and historical episodes, and a playful…

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