Vol 4, No 7 (2015)

Archaeologies of Tele-Visions and -Realities

Co-edited by Andreas Fickers and Anne-Katrin Weber

This issue presents archaeological inquiries into the multiple pasts of tele-visions. It aims to assess the many lives of television and highlights from both diachronic and synchronic perspectives what has shaped television as a technical infrastructure, political and social institution, cultural phenomenon and business model.

Table of Contents


Editorial: Towards an Archaeology of Television PDF HTML
Andreas Fickers, Anne-Katrin Weber 1-7


Adapt Simulation: 16mm Film Editing for Television PDF HTML
Amanda Murphy, Vanessa Jackson, Rowan Aust, John Ellis 7-10
The Lessons of Counterpoint: Ernst’s Media Archaeology and Practical Archival Research PDF HTML
Ken Griffin 11-20
Nonconformist Television in The Netherlands: Two Curious Cases of Amateur Media as Counter-Technologies PDF HTML
Tom Slootweg, Susan Aasman 21-37
Digital Media Archaeology: Uncovering the Digital Tool AVResearcherXL PDF HTML
Jasmijn Van Gorp, Sonja de Leeuw, Justin van Wees, Bouke Huurnink 38-53


Picking Up (On) Fragments PDF HTML
Phil Ellis 68-89
Tom Swift’s Three Inventions of Television: Media History and the Technological Imaginary PDF HTML
Doron Galili 54-67
Extending the Aerial: Uncovering Histories of Teletext and Telesoftware in Britain PDF HTML
Alison Gazzard 90-98
Immersive Televisual Environments: Spectatorship, Stereoscopic Vision and the Failure of 3DTV PDF HTML
Ilkin Mehrabov 99-109
Streaming: A Media Hydrography of Televisual Flows PDF HTML
Ghislain Thibault 110-119
Without Latency: Cathode Immersions and the Neglected Practice of Xenocasting for Television and Radio PDF HTML
Adam Hulbert 120-135

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