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Reading: Translating ‘Liebeskummer’: Combo 1965


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Translating ‘Liebeskummer’: Combo 1965


Alexander Badenoch

Department of Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University, Muntstraat 2a, 3512 EV Utrecht, NL
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This article explores the possibilities for using TV archive documents for constructing transnational European heritage environments online. It looks closely at one episode of the Dutch popular music programme Combo from the mid-1960s, where artists from inside and outside the Netherlands perform in front of dancing teenagers. It points in particular to the acts of translation that take place within the programme, and argues that such acts must also be key in constructing television heritage online.

How to Cite: Badenoch, A., 2012. Translating ‘Liebeskummer’: Combo 1965. VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture, 1(1), pp.48–52. DOI:
Published on 21 Feb 2012.


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