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Reading: Digitising Context: The Case of the Radio Times


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Digitising Context: The Case of the Radio Times


Andy O’Dwyer

BBC Research, Centre House, Wood Lane, W12 7SB, London, GB
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The BBC is placing online their complete TV and radio schedule information going back to the formation of the BBC in 1922. For the very first time, the public, students and academics will be available to browse through detailed information on the BBC's broadcasting history. This has been made possible by a large scanning project of the BBC's programme guide magazine, the Radio Times. Over eighty years of programme information has been scanned, digitised and made ready for access via the Internet. It will be possible to search through years, months and days to see programme titles. There will also be descriptions about these programmes as reflected in the Radio Times and information on the contributors, performers, directors and producers.

How to Cite: O’Dwyer, Andy. 2012. “Digitising Context: The Case of the Radio Times”. VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture 1 (1): 53–56. DOI:
Published on 21 Feb 2012.


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